About the Candidates

Jarrett Hahn and his family have lived in Bridgewater since 2020. His sons attend Bridgewater primary school. He is a strength coach and human movement specialist. He has passion and expertise in fitness, health and longevity. Jarrett enjoys coaches kids football in town.

Hector Menendez and his family have lived in Bridgewater since 2006. His daughter graduated BRHS and his sons currently attend the high school. He is a dentist and small business owner with a keen eye for efficiency, results and accountability. Hector enjoys training for MMA.

Jarrett Hahn and Hector Menendez have the following philosophy regarding the Board of Education issues:

Pro- Education

– academic excellence for all students, foster independent thinking, fact-based curriculum, practical skills, healthy and safe learning environment, well-rounded education

Pro- Parent

– making sure parents have a say in their children’s health and education

Pro- Taxpayer

– transparency, accountability, responsible spending, innovative solutions for efficacy and efficiency

Please vote for column 3, Hahn AND Menendez, YOUR voice for Bridgewater Raritan education.