Press Release – Supporting Groups

For Bridgewater Kids Board of Education Campaign 

For Immediate Release 

Bridgewater, NJ, Oct 22. 2023

It has recently come to our attention that a BOE candidate has made baseless claims against us being backed by an “extremist group”, referring to New Jersey Project. This is a grassroot group advocating for parental rights, who listed us as their recommended candidates. 

We have never sought their support, taken a pledge to this group, or received any contribution from this group financially or in kind.

It is any person or group’s freedom of speech to publicly state their recommendation of our candidacy, there is no need for our screening or approval, nor does it represent we support everything they support. We welcome anyone to voice their support on what we stand for. We condemn “extremist” name calling in relation to supporting the parents’ role in education. 

While there are tactics to smear us on what we represent with misinterpretation and extrapolation, these will fail. We simply represent students, parents, families, and residents of Bridgewater.  We invite you to take a look at our official campaign website, where you can see our actual message.

Thank you. 

Jarrett Hahn & Hector Menendez, DDS